Monday, March 30, 2009

Random thoughts

Its getting hot hot hot in Kolkata. And Im gearing up in my mind to shift to Chennai on a more permanent basis. I said 'more' permanent?? Well, I dont know how Im going to do it. Ill be all alone with baby for the first time. And ALL ALONE. No office to go to (Ill be working from home), no parents to visit, friends... well, one on last count... Not going to office is going to be the biggest change Ill have to deal with. Its an escape for me, more than anything else. And what about the weather. Ive heard horror stories about Chennai summer. Ive lived for two months during my MBA summer project in Chennai and I remember trying very very hard to make it through the nights. :)

The sale season is all but over. South City Mall in Kolkata bankrupted me, almost. My credit card has maxed and I dont have money to pay the bills. So Im glad the SALE signs have come down finally! Recession my big fat... displaying that word in front of a girl is like waving a red flag in front of a bull. Its a four letter word after all though. And like all four letter words it gives a perverse pleasure to fall prey to it... beating heart, flushed face, rushing blood, adrenalin, adrenalin... the works! I was just hoping though that they would wait till my next months salary came in. Oh now Ive got to wait till the next sale to get the lovely black and white top I saw at Marks and Spencer.

It rained last night. After days of scorching scathing burning sun, finally lightning and thunder in the evening and then the rain! Last night was pleasant. But its gone back to the rule of the sun this morning. When we had to read poems in school, I always used to wonder about the heartfelt joy of summer. Summer? Summer sun?? Give me winter any day I would think. But rains are what I love most. Even the seething, acid rainwater logged streets wont get me down on a rainy day!!! Cant wait for the rainy season to start.