Friday, October 9, 2009

Archie marrying Betty??????

Oh come on! I finally thought its happening. Betty?? Really??!! Compare that hare brained goody-two-shoes geek with the hot catty oh-so-stylish Veronica, and really, where can one go wrong in this. Betty is a good match for Dilton, Im sure, but I suppose even Dilton is too intelligent to know the real world from the ideal one.

But it figures. Considering that Archie is neither too good looking (carrot top with freckles, remember?), nor rich (jalopy), nor intelligent (only Moose seems to be more Duuh than him), and also insensitive to boot (how many times has he jilted Betty to go with Veronica)... I dont know which one serves him right, marrying the bitchy Veronica or the so-dull Betty.

20 years hence he might be fielding questions or vases from a fat, couch potato Betty, in cheap Paris designer rip-offs (her clothes were mostly that while Veronica had the originals) in XXL sizes, while Veronica finds herself a dude and zips around in her personal jet to those exotic locales in her designer bikini-s on her designer body. Hell, when she is 40 she would afford to do a Demi Moore.

Yeah yeah, when the whole world went ga ga over Betty, I thought Veronica was so sauve... so have-it-all, so cool-cat to Betty's loyal tail-wagging pooch. So what if she also made the mistake of running after Archie and giving Betty, her best friend, a tough time due to him. She would get over it Im sure. Girls like her have all the fun. All hail Veronica.