Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fathers Day Gifting: home made gift ideas for different ages

 Fathers Day is on Sunday, 16th June. Some super ideas to make gifts at home for our super dads.

1.    A collage card (From toddler to teenage)
What you will need:
·         Card Paper or A-4 size sheets
·         Sketch pens
·         Craft paper in different colours/ or you can colour them yourself
·         Glue
·         Scissors
How to:
·         Decide on a pattern to make: you can choose flowers, boats, kites, fishes, hearts or anything that dad loves.
·         Take the craft paper and cut out small shapes of decided pattern. You can cut white paper and have your little one paint them in different colours.
·         Fold any A-4 size sheet into two to make a card shape or take your card paper
·         Stick the patterns on the paper
·         Write inside

2.    Hand painted Coffee Mug/ Soup Bowl: (From toddler to teenage)
What you will need:
·         Solid colour coffee mug/ soup bowl. You can even use plates or glasses for this if you want.
·         Permanent Marker/ fabric paint
How to:
·         Decide on a pattern (Polka dots, hearts, the message “DAD” or “Worlds Best Dad”)
·         Take your mug (or any other utensil) and paint with the permanent marker. (Your toddler can just write “dad” or scribble anything on the mug. This is a fathers day gift, not a fine china set!)
·         Add the year and write “Happy Fathers Day” in small letters.
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3.    A hand printed book (8-12 years and teenage)
What you will need:
·         A few A-4 size sheets in white or different colours.
·         Scissors.
·         Colourful pens or sketch pens.
·         Photographs you can cut out and use
·         Tape
How to:
·         Design the cover of your book and create a title “The book of Dad” or “Dad the Greatest” or “My Dad and I”
·         Second page will contain name of the creator “Made by …”
·         Rest is mostly up to you. Here are some ideas. You can start with “My favourite things to do with Dad”, then go on to favourite books, places to visit, things you want to do together etc. Older children could make it Dad’s life story with pictures, like an album.
Staple pages together and tape over staples at the edge.

4.    A pen holder for Dad’s office desk (From toddler to teenage)
What you will need:
·         An old plastic cup/ glass
·         Fabric paint
·         Craft paper
·         Old photographs you can cut out
·         Strong glue
·         Sketch pens
How to:
·         Get any old plastic cup, ceramic mug etc. Use fabric paint to paint it an even black all over.
·         Cut craft paper half the size of your cup and wrap all around at the center. Glue to stick. You can use more than one photo.
·         Take an old photograph you like and cut it in shape. It should fit into the craft paper strip.
·         Stick with strong glue till firmly in place.
Image: Supermoms 360

5.     Palm print poster (From toddler to teenage)
What you will need:
·         Poster colours
·         Desired size of chart paper
·         Paper plates (to pour colours)
·         Sketch pens
How to
·         Pour out the desired colours into paper plates. You can use any number of colours.
·         Take your chart paper and cut into any size you wish
·         Dip your hand on the plate so that your palm is evenly coated with colour. Press on to the paper till the colour is evenly transferred.
·         Make designs, or use as is, with a message.
·         You can make trees, heart shapes, birds etc with your palms.

6.    World’s best Dad medal (From toddler to 8 years)
What you will need:
·         Card board
·         Scissors
·         Sketch pens/ permanent markers
·         Ribbon
How to:
·         Cut the cardboard into any small medal shape. You can make a circle, hexagon, square, star or any other shape.
·         You can thicken the medal by sticking two pieces together.
·         Draw border with dark sketch pen
·         Write “Worlds Best Dad” or “No 1 Dad”
·         Punch a hole on top and string in the ribbon.
Image: macaroni Crafts

7.    DAD photo frame (From toddler to 10 years)
What you will need:
·         Cardboard
·         Scissors
·         Blade
·         Old photo you can cut
·         Sketch pens
How to:
·         Trace out the word DAD on a cardboard
·         Cut two pieces of the same shape.
·         Leave one as it is. On the other, trace out the central portion of the D, A and D.
·         Cut them out with a blade.
·         Paint in bright colours or make patterns.
·         Stick your and dad’s photos
·         Take a bit of cardboard and stick at the back to make a stand

8.    Love you Dad heart shaped car ornament (From toddler to 8 years)
What you will need:
·         Card board
·         Ribbon
·         Paint
·         Sparkles/ glitter
·         Scissors
How to:
·         Draw the shape of a heart on the cardboard
·         Cut out two pieces of the same shape and size and stick together
·         Colour in bright red and scatter glitter or sparkles
·         Punch a hole on top with a paper punch or needle and string in the ribbon.