Monday, June 2, 2008

I feel the blood flow in your veins as I touch your skin,
The scars on your arm and in my heart
Glow softly in the broken twilight-suns ray;
Slowly ten years of separation just melts away.

A tear joins the sweat coursing down your face,
I catch it on my tongue like I would a rain drop.
My tears mingled with yours midflight and fell,
Your eyes convey what your lips wont tell.

I smile as I see you cry, holding my hand,
I want to hold on to these hours.
Tomorrow our worlds may be torn apart ,
But tonight is ours... just ours.

The words you said still ring in my ears,
Today you are gone again, like you always go
The rain falls on me now, like a memory,
And I know you will always come back to me.


  1. That was... powerful!
    Identified SO much with the emotion for reasons best left unsaid.. but.. LOVED it!

  2. Emotions coursing through you, like the wave slapping the shore.
    Never tiring, never fearing, one after the next, what a world would it be, if emoting we stop and just be??