Friday, May 2, 2014


You promised me a brave new world
Here I am
With a heart wide open
Wide as my arms, when I asked you to hold me
My mind wide eyed
Only waiting for a sign
To believe.

You promise me, my love wont be unfounded
Here I am
Loving you with my finger tips
Feeling your beauty seep into my skin
As you reject my touch
Only smiling as my heart suddenly withered inside me

It took you a withered heart to realise
That I have starved for rain.
It took you my lifeless body, to see
How I tried in vain to breathe you in.
It took you a broken soul
To start to want to mend
While I had started to look away into the unknown
Reaching out my hand to the heavens even as you mourned over me
Wondering if only the darkness held my dark lord.

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