Friday, August 22, 2014

Toss a coin in the fountain of wishes
Put a lock on the bridge of love and drop the key into the Seine
Watch it sink slowly, to find its place with hundreds of lovers’ prayers
I didn’t love you like that.
Hold hands as we walk on the streets
Steal a kiss behind a tree, a sly snuggle by the lake
Immersed in each other as the world goes on in this mad rushing city
I didn’t love you like that.
I gasped for air when you left my side, gasped, for I drowned without you
Lost in a crowd, lost in the desert, lost among a million faces, searching searching for one
Dreaming with eyes wide open, smiling, laughing at memories, maddened by memories
I loved you like that.
Shouting screaming hair wild eyes wild hitting out in the air
Passion in my anger jealousy love love passion in my kisses on your face on your lips in your mouth
I will leave you I will never call you I want you need you desperate without you I will die without you
I loved you like that
That is how I loved you
Till you went away, till you decided that my way of loving did not count, till you told me so
Till you bared me to the world, stripped me naked and made me stand out in the cold rain
When you left you killed me
When you left
You made me not fear death anymore.

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