Thursday, November 13, 2014

Letting go

It is easy to go on
Just place one foot in front of the other
Walk on by
The stars shine more brightly tonight
My work here is done.

You may think you are broken but you are whole
You are the eagle soaring high above every living soul
You are above, you are below and all around, encompassing everything
You are the laughter of a child, the tear of a bride, the wrinkle on old skin
You are beauty, you are truth, you are light
You are love. There was nothing ever more bright.

It is easy to carry on
A kind word should not bring tears to the eye, but that will take time
Curling up into a ball feels just so right
Get up from the bed, look in the mirror and actually see yourself
Are you hiding your cry? Oh you do that perfectly
So what if your eyes betray your pain after a few hours
The sun will shine tomorrow but now it brings rain showers
The flowers have wilted, those flowers which were supposed to bloom
On that abandoned tree which survived anyway.

I had come to bring you home
Lead you through a path strewn with petals and dreams
My feet, they have bled from treading on thorns
But they look as beautifully red as the flowers I have walked on.
I had come to make you whole
You, who had led your life in parts all along
I held your hands even when you let go
And now I see you are getting ready to fly.
The stars shine more brightly tonight
My work here is done.

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