Monday, April 7, 2008

First time Im doing this tag thing... takes so much time, Im really jobless it seems...

1. Last movie you saw in a theater: tough one, considering Ive not been to a cinema hall in , like, ages... The Departed, I think.

2. What book are you reading: Orhan Pamuk's Istanbul. I just finished the last part of the Buddha series by Osamu Tezuka.

3.Favourite board game:None, I hate board games, there are better things to do at home.

4.Favourite magazine:One??? I love Outlook Traveller, Vogue, Marie Claire, National Geographic. Occassionally I read Readers Digest but its not the same anymore.

5.Favourite smells: Anything but poo. Apart from my baby's poo, thats ok!!! :)) Ok I love baking cakes and oranges, Cinthol soap and Ponds talk, Christian Dior's 'Poison' and Chanels 'No 5', Brut and Tabac, stale cigarette smoke mixed with coffee, and some smells Im blushing to think about... so I better not say them.

6.Favourite sounds: my baby's laughter, some voices and laughter

7. Worst feeling in the world: that this is all there is.

8.What is the first thing you think when you wake: depends on the dream I wake up from.

9.Favourite fast food place:dont do fast food.

10.Future child's name: naah, not good at this.

11.Finish this statement "If i had a lot of money i would" stack it all up in my safe and open it every time Im down, and feel good about myself.

12.Do you drive fast? - Yeah baby yeah!

13.Do you sleep with a stuffed animal- hee hee... what kind of stuffed animal do you mean.

14.Storms cool or crazy? - Luurve storms, especially if Im out and stuck in one, and super especially if Im driving through one.

15.What was your first cars? - My first carS???

16.Favourite drink- Long island ice tea, not had one since pregnancy... its been almost 2 years, boo hoo.

17.Finish the statement "If i had the time I would"- yeah! like Im too busy saving the world right now.

18.Do you eat the stems on broccoli? - Broccoli? Whazzat???

19.If you could dye your hair any colour, what would be your choice? Red, ma-a-n... what else.

20.Name all the different cities/town you have lived in.- home town calcutta, bangalore, chennai, pune, manipal/ mangalore. Will two days living count? Then mumbai, delhi also. Oh Im so well travelled!

21.Favourite sports to watch. - Hate sports when Im not playing. And I play only one sport. ;)

22.One nice thing about the person who sent this to you. - She wastes my time. She has too much of it, my wela sister.

23.What's under your bed?- I dont dare to look.

24.Would you like to be born as yourself again? - Yeah, and live as myself with the same people around me, with all the knowledge of this life... so I can try the things I know I missed out on.

25. Morning person or Night Owl? - Neither. Twilight is my Zone.

26.Over easy or sunny side up? - None, only hatched birds.

27.Favourite place to relax - At this time in life, my office... I even get to sleep there for an hour at times, without any thought of baby waking up or husband tantrum or loves lost and found et al.

28.Favourite pie - with chicken slivers and mozarella and pineapple and olives... Or apple with vanilla ice cream... Im hungry.

29.Favourite ice cream flavour. - Chocolate and black currant. And sometimes plain vanilla with hot chocolate sauce.

30.Of all the people you tagged this to, who is most probable to respond first.- Naah, I dont take after my sister... Im doing this and thats it.


  1. Want to hear some eerie coincidences?
    I've always maintained that Meredith Brooke's song "I'm a bitch, I'm a woman.." describes me best
    I'm reading Pamuk's 'My name is Red' now
    No. 5 is the perfume I gift most often
    There are more, but this is what stands out most

  2. "Will two days living count? "...nice one that...:)