Monday, April 7, 2008

Ordinary poem

I am an ordinary girl with an ordinary life
My ordinary day leads to an ordinary night
I work, I play, I eat, I drink
Life ebbs and flows, I rise and sink
I trudge along much travelled streets
Of roadside flowers Im but the weeds.
One day Ill lay myself to rest
Then, of me let just this be said
She was ordinary in all the above
But she had an extraordinary love.


  1. this is very nice way to put it.

  2. Amazing! Isn't that what really matters in the end? Loved the way you avoided using flowery phrases.

  3. beautiful n simple..n one of the VERRY few poems I managed to read till the end :)

  4. this is beautiful. i simply love this one by you.

  5. if you can put yourself to rest Like Bheeshma did, you cannot be ordinary can you? :)