Friday, October 24, 2008

Smile Beloved City

Everytime I am glad to leave Kolkata, but every single time, boy! am I gladder to get back.
The trip to Chennai was good, in retrospect. It left me alone to take care of a one year old, the housework, the office work... I would challenge anyone to do all three together (without any help whatsoever) with any amount of success. The weekend was good, the trip to Mahabalipuram was relaxed in the resort, two days of bliss and indulgence. It rained continuously for ten days, in Chennai... yes, you heard me right. But the flat is almost on the beach and that and the cheese chilli chips with cold coffee at the shack made up for much of it. No mall culture in Chennai, I wonder what they do on weekends, all head to the beach? I missed Nalli's, maybe next time.
Power was off at least two hours each day, I almost missed my flight home because of the traffic, caught it only because it was 3 hours late!!!
All in all, Im glad to be back to my city, however hot, crowded and dirty.


  1. We do have a couple of malls,

    Although apparently, we'd just as well spend our weekends amongst thousands of more people, shoving , kicking, eye gouging, and indulging other uh, acts, unbecoming of a gentleman in the despicable Pondy Bazar-Panangal Park-Rangathan Street region.


  2. I TOTALLY understand what you mean!!!

    But I'm in love with Chennai

  3. very true...
    all the other cities they don't suit me at all... and i find the strong collective body odour in crowded trains or noisy dusty traffic jam of kolkata more peaceful, really.