Monday, November 3, 2008

Fast Track Novels to Ghajini

There is an article in a newspaper about writers churning out novels in a month. And they going on to become best sellers. I mean, what am I. Verbally challenged? Or brain dead. I cant even think of a decent story-line for a short story!!! When I start writing, I usually make it to 500 odd words. And then I get bored, or hit a wall, or both. I need inspiration, people. Lend me some inspiration.

Like, you know, Ghajini or something. Amir Khan went on record saying that Ghajini is not a remake of Memento. Its a true inspired piece, as the director heard about the concept of Memento and then wrote the whole story without watching the film. Then after finishing the story he watched the original and saw it was quite different. Whatever, who cares. How many of us have watched Memento anyway. And of those who have watched, how many have understood. And those who have, how many would like to believe it could be remade in Hindi, or any other language, unless its a frame by frame copy.

But hey, does the most low profile Khan look hot in the movie. HELL, YEAH! The first few seconds of the promo, I mistook him for the other Khan, no, not Shahrukh-much-ado-about-sixpack-Khan, but Salman-o-o-jaane-jaana-shirtless-Khan. Watch it to believe it.


  1. Lady, if you call yourself brain dead what would you call me?
    It seems after eternity that I finally managed to write something...

  2. Contrary to popular misconception,"Ghajini" is a Tamil movie, which was loosely inspired by Nolan's "Memento". The Hindi Ghajini, in turn, is a remake of the Tamil movie and even features (one of) the same female leads- Asin. And oh, do watch Memnto. Rest assured, by the end of the movie, the last thing on your mind will be uh, Aamir Khan's hotness(?).

  3. ME- I know about the Tamil Ghajini. In fact Amir Khan in his blog has written that the director heard about the concept of Memento, got intrigued, and wrote a story without watching the movie. Then he watched it and saw it is different from the original and went ahead and made Ghajini. It was such a hit that now Amir Khan is starring in the Hindi remake.

    I would also ask anyone to watch Memento... its brilliant as a film, but I felt it was a bit much on the brain!!! :))