Friday, January 9, 2009

Im in like with Chennai

Another day, another trip.
This time our Chennai resort visit, (which has become a sort of ritual), came early in the stay. We reached on 24th, the booking was for 26th through 29th. We had booked a Rs 6k normal room, but being the festival rush season plus weekend, when we landed, the rooms were all occupied. The people who were supposed to vacate had decided to stay back after all. And there we were, having booked days in advance... Now the only room available was the grand suite, the most expensive on the block. It came at 15k + taxes. And heh heh heh, they of course had to upgrade us for the day... I tell you, it was worth every paisa of our 6k!!! :)) Living room, bedroom, large lcd tv, mini bar, comfy sofas, heavenly bed, and to crown all that, a very personal plunge pool, separated from the bedroom by a glass panel. Oh, how the rich live!!!!

Chennai, at 18 degree celcius minimum temp, was having the "coldest" winter in 10 years. Yes, it was in the papers. So I decided to make use of the "cool" days. Took baby and caught an auto to Pondy Bazaar. Nothing like our Gariahat, but the cooking vessel shops were nothing like Id ever seen before. Oh how I wish I had taken some photos, but I was holding a very sleepy and wriggly baby tight in the pre new year crowd. I couldnt possibly... Next time, promise. Got a couple of the local 'ghagra' for daughter.

Attended a couple of parties, went for the staple city center mall visit, evening beach stroll, the rest of it. Of course it wasnt easy still with the baby. She stopped eating the 7th day, and would not take rice... or any solid food apart from chocolates. She screamed for pepsi anytime we went out. It was a regular nightmare, but I must say, this is my second visit to Chennai after having the baby, and this time around, Im a little in like with the city.

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