Saturday, January 17, 2009

Limited Love

I drown in this love.
Wave upon wave lash at me,
Pull me in, as I try to claw
My way out on the shore.

Wave upon wave
Covers my head, finally
Water fills my lungs as I draw
Breath, till I know no more.

Greener trees, bluer skies,
Colours burst out in tiny rainbows
Everywhere my eyes rest around me,
Kaleidoscope, long streaks of light.

Im one with the world,
Beauty in airwaves around me flows,
I stumble again, throw up against the tree,
The birds laugh loud as they take flight.

Its a new world-
You are everything I know-
You are my God, my destiny-
I could give my life for you-

Come, torment me.
Like a tumor come and grow
Inside me, Poison me, Tear me.
I will yet show how my love is true.

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